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TruckSuite Assurance

JUNE 7 Did you see the TruckSuite Team and our live participation in the 2021 Virtual Repair Expo? Would you like to hear the highlights of what TruckSuite featured during the Expo, which was held in early May? You can catch up with all the news and helpful interviews that TruckSuite shared during the Virtual Repair Expo by checking out the first episodes in our Quick-Cast podcast series. To visit our podcast page and hear the latest from TruckSuite, Click Here.

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ICs, Fleets & Trucking Vendors

Ask About Our Repair and Warranty Financing!
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Core Services


Escrow provides accurate, compliant and safe handling of client funds while delivering exceptional customer service and timely transmission of funds.

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Maintenance & RepairsTM

24/7/365 emergency roadside coordination. PM tracking / scheduling and repairs.

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Monitors your truck with a high-level overview of issues affecting its health, safety and performance status. Giving insights for acting and adjusting in real time.

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Powered by TruckSuite was created specifically for TruckSuite™ to act as a “virtual locker” giving an owner operator the ability to store all of his business and truck related documents in an easy to use secure portal.

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A Lease / Purchase Program That Works!

  • Low Down Payment Programs
  • "Front Line Ready" Trucks
  • 36 month / 375,000 mile warranty
  • Diagnostics Reporting to the Owner Operator and the Call Center
  • Repair Lines of Credit Available

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"We have one job... and that is keeping you on the road!"

Alan McDonald Chief Operating Officer, Truck Suite LLC

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Other Services


Bookkeeping provides a collection of factual and objective business reporting tools geared for mitigating lender risk and improving carrier profits by increasing Owner Operator success and retention.

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Tax PreparationTM

Tax representatives will work with you in developing a tax strategy that meets your needs and operational situation maximizing your tax liability.

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Offers warranty coverage in the event of a catastrophic breakdown which could result in extended downtime and put an unprepared Owner Operator out of business.

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Specializing in financing and leasing for Owner Operators and fleets including trucks, trailers, warranties, tires, APU’s and repairs.

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“Rapid Repair” benefit covers the Owner Operator’s truck payment if his/her truck is down 30 days for a warranty claim.

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Our technicians inspect all components on your truck that can suffer from wear and tear. Not only do they notify you of areas of concern, they can repair any issues identified, saving you from costly repairs down the road.

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