What is TruckSuite?

TruckSuite is an innovative and comprehensive “technology based” Owner/Operator support program that is designed to offer Fleet’s Owner/Operators all the truck ownership “advantages” for success.

TruckSuite also promotes driver retention in an “arm’s length” relationship between the Fleet and the independent Owner/Operator. This Program has several “Best in Class” partners to insure that the Owner/Operator is set up to succeed and can remain financially viable with competitive expenses and reliable equipment.

Our TruckSuite program’s success is measured in the number and the longevity of Owner/Operators in the Program. While the primary focus is to support the Owner/Operator, there are ancillary benefits to Carriers as well as Lenders and Freight Brokers, meaning the TruckSuite program benefits are “four-fold”.

No other Owner/Operator support program within the trucking industry offers all of these collective benefits to its members and partners!

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