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TruckSuite Assurance


When your truck is not performing optimally or requires maintenance and repairs, productivity suffers, and so does your bottom line. Partnered with Norgon, TruckSuite offers an advanced integrated vehicle health and safety management solution.

For Owner Operators

With TripVision Uptime, your truck will be monitored with a high-level overview of issues affecting its health, safety and performance status. With the ability to drill down into pertinent information for your vehicle, you are given insights for acting and adjusting in real time. With early detection and action, you improve your bottom-line through increased uptime and decreased maintenance costs.

TripVision helps reduce repair costs, decrease the number of unexpected breakdowns, and maximize vehicle uptime.

For Fleets

With TripVision, real-time vehicle health and safety information is presented in an easy-to-understand format which enables call center and fleet personnel to make quick and accurate decisions. Our program highlights include:

All Makes, All Models, All Components

  • Why invest in commercial fleet maintenance software that only monitors your engine when other electronic components can threaten your vehicle’s uptime? TripVision monitors all your heavy-duty vehicles and calculates health and safety scores based on the faults on all components. With TripVision, you can detect errors impacting fuel consumption, emissions irregularities and many other issues that will lower long-term operating costs and help you avoid costly fines and violations.

Health Scores

  • Aggregated scores, which are color coded based on severity, provide a snapshot of the health status of each vehicle. Each score has an associated effect-on-vehicle description and a recommended action for managing that vehicle to maximize uptime. Users receive detailed instructions to relay to drivers on how to best proceed, including the necessary steps to limit damages and get the truck to the appropriate technicians.

Safety Scores

  • Does one of your vehicles have a faulty windshield wiper motor? Issues like this will not shut down the engine but can sideline your vehicle in a rainstorm. Avoid problems that are harmful to productivity with real-time truck monitoring that keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

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