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Repair Financing

TruckSuite offers a unique and comprehensive repair finance program that provides benefits to Truck Dealerships, Repair Shops, Owner Operators and Truck Fleets.

Unlike truck repair finance programs that are basically a “refinance” of the truck itself and paying off the first lienholder, our program does not need the truck’s pink slip. Our process provides quick turn around time (which helps mitigate downtime) and only requires the owner’s signature. Funding is equally quick and efficient providing the Dealer with immediate cash flow. The process is simple only requiring the trucker to fill the pre-qual application on the TruckSuite website ( We take care of the rest!

Our Repair Financing Program has a simple and easy qualification and loan submittal process with no “pink slip” required and no down payments necessary. Your shop is paid directly, immediately upon completion of approved repairs.

How many repair opportunities do you lose because the prospect does not have available funds? Additionally, how often does your paying customer prefer to finance a repair rather than pay in full at the time of the repair? Moreover, if you are financing any repairs would you prefer to receive full payment and not have to rely on a customer to pay you over time. Our Repair Financing Program can be valuable to you and your customers by keeping downtime to a minimum and providing liquidity and cash flow.

Consider these possibilities: Lost Revenue Lost Gross Profit
1 Added Repair per Year $10,000 $6,000
1 Added Repair per Quarter $40,000 $24,000
1 Added Repair per Month $120,000 $72,000

Our experience in major component and repair reveals that an average repair we have handled is in excess of $10,000. Furthermore, the parts and labor split are averaging 50% for each. The simple chart considers a 10 – 25% parts markup and an average labor rate at $125.00 per billed hour. Engines, transmissions, differentials, turbochargers, fuel injectors, water pumps, fuel pumps and emissions systems have all been financed repairs.

TruckSuite is a founding member and preferred vendor for the Association for Commercial Equipment Solutions (ACES). Working closely with ACES members, the two entities provide ASSURANCE that your business and its clients will be handled courteously and expeditiously.

Program Highlights

  • Repairs from $4,000 to $15,000
  • Terms from 24 months to 36 months
  • No pink slip needed!
  • Fast turn around time…less than 2-hours!
  • E-Z Apply online with simple E-docs
  • Direct funding to shop
  • Finance the “shortfall” of a warranty claim
  • 97.8% of applicants are pre-qualified!
  • Create an additional revenue stream for the shop while creating customer loyalty


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