Escrow Services: DPG

Escrow provides accurate, compliant and safe handling of client funds while delivering exceptional customer service and timely transmission of funds. Each account is FDIC insured. Escrow provides complete transparency to the balance, status and history of transactions.

Escrow will collect $250/settlement (weekly) either from the Carrier (with Owner/Operator authorization) or directly from the Owner/Operator and escrow the funds in anticipation of maintenance and repairs. The needed funds will forwarded directly to the call Center who in turn pays the invoice for the approved repairs. In the event of a combination of repairs and warranty work, Escrow provides the funds for the repairs and Premium 2000+ or NTP will reimburses the warranty claim amount to the Call Center.


  • Automatic credit and debit into and out of the escrow account with full accounting provided to the Owner/Operator
  • Funds to be used in support and anticipation of repairs and scheduled maintenance only (not cosmetic items)
  • Funds are seamlessly transacted between Escrow and Call Center
  • Escrow funds will be tied to the truck and NOT used as a savings account for the Owner/Operator (lease purchase)
  • Consistent and even escrow of funds will assist the Owner/Operator in planning by evening out typical cash flow “peaks and valleys”


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